A little bit about me.


"My  aim is to  paint in the style of the Tonal Masters with fresh vigorous brush strokes and exquisite tones of fresh colour and muted shades. With soft lost edges I aim to capture a romance in my still life and floral studies in a veil of soft light."

Born in Melbourne, Australia I began my career at the age of 27 at Sherbrooke Art Society under the expert tutorage of Glenda Wise. I continued to study privately with Glenda a time after that.

I have always had a keen fondness of flowers and gardening which comes through in my work today as I attempt to capture the beauty of flowers in my paintings. From simple floral studies to much larger works, including still life, portraits, interior studies and landscape; with my keen eye for tone and detail, my ambition is to capture the ephemeral beauty of the subject turning everyday objects into things of beauty.

I am currently one of Sherbrooke Art Societies teachers where I teach the traditional method from the Meldrum Tonal School of Painters. I am  also a former President of Sherbrooke Art Society where I served 5 Terms between 2011 and 2016.


I have won numerous awards for his my including the Roberts Award and The Mavis Hill Award in 2014 and I available for demonstrations and workshops for groups and societies.